The heart and skull company. Disorderly Habits is a studio based in Amsterdam and owned by Ivan Mudingo..

Through diverse media and creative outlets we aim to develop timeless and bold work born from a transcending process.


“In our human being existence comes the day where we are confronted to the aknowledgement that our physical presence on earth is temporary; a presence that should like all things end by death. Through the complicated processes of growth and evolution we are then given the opportunity to fight and move forward balancing ourselves on a tight rope, or to stand still.
If a journey is fully lived, it is then not needed to go through it again or long for the undone and unseen. This can only be done if we breathe what we think and think what we breathe. A life is only a success to us if with courage, hard work discipline and authentic rebellion we constantly at any cost seek for challenge and excellence allowing us to create a unique path.”

A L L   I N Q U I R I E S